Best Hiking Boots of 2023

PHOTO CREDIT: HEATHER ELDRIDGE (CLEVERHIKER.COM) It’s incredibly important to treat your feet right on the trail. But when you’re looking for a new pair of hiking boots, you’ll quickly find there’s a lot to consider – fit, traction, support, price, break-in period, and weight among other factors. The general trend in the boot market is […]

Top Gear Picks of 2023

Top Gear Picks of 2023 When we hit the trail, this is the equipment we carry in our packs. Unlike the CleverHiker Gear Guide, where we highlight a wide range of exceptional choices, this page is where we talk about our personal favorites. For more of our favorite gear recommendations, have a look through these popular […]

10 Best Hiking Socks of 2023

PHOTO CREDIT: DAVE COLLINS (CLEVERHIKER.COM) Wearing the right footwear is key to success in all outdoor adventures, but it’s especially important for hiking and backpacking. As hikers, our feet are the workhorses that carry the load and take the most beating on the trail. Our experience has taught us that we have to treat our […]

Best Hiking Shoes for Women of 2023

PHOTO CREDIT: HEATHER ELDRIDGE (CLEVERHIKER.COM) Choosing a great pair of hiking shoes is one of the most important gear decisions you’ll make. Getting a pair that has the right balance of comfort, traction, weight, and durability will make a huge difference with every step along the trail. Finding the perfect fit can be tricky though, […]

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